A sadistic, dark humored, warlock with a knack for making things suffer


A nobleman who hopes to drown his past in the blood of his enemies. Actually anyone that gets in his way really. He has no qualms about killing but, that wasn’t always the case. Helios born to the house Lyrandar under the name Seacil had a peaceful childhood. He lived happily with his mother and father in a secluded forest far away from his mother’s famed clan. His mother Letiny had little contact with her family since she had chosen a male human as her husband. Milow was a simple man who when he was younger fought in the great war. When he returned from war he’d found his first wife and their unborn child had been murdered and mutilated by enemy soldiers who’d raided their village. He was so shaken by his discovery that he fled into the wild away from all traces of humanity. Until one day a lovely young elfin woman wandered to the stream by his cottage. He watched her wade through the water in search of clay deposits. It was a strange sight to behold. The woman was dressed in the finest fabrics and yet she chose to wallow in the mud. Suddenly, the current in the stream increased and pulled the woman under. Milow saved the woman and they fell in love.

p They gladly made a new home in the forest. Letiny felt free of the constraints placed on the women of her class and the forests provided all of the raw materials and inspiration she would need to create her artwork. She couldn’t ask for anything more. Yet, still she received another gift, the gift of a child. Milow loved his son Seacil and wife. On the day of his son’s birth he vowed that he would protect them with his life…And so he did. p. For 10 years the family lived contentedly in the forest. Seacil loved watching his mother create. She was skilled in many art forms: watercolor, tempera, sculpting, drawing, and weaving. He was amazed by the way she could turn nothing into something beautiful. He did not have the same enthusiasm for his father’s interests which included: hunting and trapping. Seasil did not have the stomach to watch things suffer, nor could he stand watching the flame of life drain from the animal’s eyes. One day as seacil returning from gathering firewood he saw two men break into his family’s cabin. He was frozen in place unable to comprehend what he was seeing. The two men dragged his mother outside and held a knife to her throat, his father followed them outside being careful to keep his distance. The two men ordered him to put down his sword or they would “quarter the d’Lyrandar slut where she stands”. As soon as his father dropped the weapon they ran his mother through with their swords and then they shoved his father down towards his wife’s dying body. His father became a man Cecil had never seen before he was wild with rage. The two men, startled by the transformation, didn’t even realize he’d picked up his weapon until he sliced them in half. The two men however were only scouts. Soon a whole swarm of men gathered to the site of their allies bloodcurdling screams. Milow could not be stopped. He cut through five before single person could land a blow and even then they seemed to have no effect. Finally, the last man was slain. 20 rebellion fighters came to a cabin in the woods looking to kill one of the few remaining true d’Lyrandars and found their deaths as well. As soon as the adrenaline Ceacil’s father collapsed next to his mother and closed his eyes one last time.


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