Darius Darkmagic

"An incredibly dangerous whirlwind of death who is also the nicest guy you can ever meet." - Jayce Darkmagic


Darius Darkmagic is the first born child of Swain and Wanda Darkmagic.

Growing up, Darius was not fond of his father’s teachings. He wished he could be outside, playing with the other kids; not stuck inside a gloomy mansion, reading ancient arcane tomes he had no interest in. Arcane magic was not something that interested him and wished his father would understand that. Unfortunately, being the heir meant he didn’t have a say in the matter. Darius was to be groomed into a noble and powerful wizard.

At the age of eight, Darius was quite the rebel, sneaking out of the mansion and charting out the city. Being a Darkmagic, he was very well known and would instantly be recognized. He often went around, disguised with a cloak to look like a commoner. Of course, this got him into a lot of trouble. A couple of kidnappers saw through his disguise and had been scouting him out for weeks. They figured they could get a big payday if they were able to snag the Darkmagic Heir.

Darius Darkmagic

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