House Darkmagic

Darkmagic crest

Family Tree

(Parentheses are relation to Darius or Jayce)

1st Generation

  • James “Jim” Tarthanian Darkmagic I (Paternal Grandfather, deceased) Archmage and patriarch of Darkmagic family
  • Doloris “Nana” Wardstaff Darkmagic (Paternal Grandmother) Real Litch
  • Clatterby (Guardian of Jim III) Enchanted or possessed suit of Armor
  • Mr. Con (Lawyer) Golem jurist and executor of the last will and testament of James Darkmagic I
  • Snarl (Coachman) Mute
  • Cronk (Steed/coach) Undead Dragon

2nd Generation

  • James “Jim” Darkmagic II (Uncle, deceased)
  • Martha Darkmagic (Aunt, insane)
  • Swain Darkmagic (Father) Current Archmage and Patriarch of the Darkmagic Family
  • Wanda Darkmagic (Mother, deceased)
  • Winston Darkmagic (Uncle, deceased)
  • Gorgon Darkmagic (Aunt) Head under constant reconstruction by tiny people.
  • Valkar the Magnificent (Butler) Tiefling family servant whose hobbies include drinking and slight of hand magic

Darius and Jayce’s Generation

  • Darius Darkmagic (Brother of Jayce)
  • Jayce Darkmagic (Brother of Darius)
  • James “Jim” Darkmagic III (Cousin) Son of Jim II
  • Olivia Darkmagic (Cousin,raised by Wanda) Daughter of Jim II
  • Percival “Percy” Darkmagic (Cousin, raised by Wanda) Son of Jim II,
  • Wretched Darkmagic (Cousin) Daughter of Gorgon, wears a mask
  • Hideous Darkmagic (Cousin) Son of Gorgon, likes snakes
  • Gygax (Cat) Spy for the Wardstaff family
  • Dimzy Ironwick (Handy dwarf)

House Darkmagic

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