Adventures in Eberron

The Assemblance of the Ashen Crown
The final battle

executing journal.exe
operation SRC-001-x4 running
all input devices showing aural data flow
auditory data recording begin

It’s been too long since I’ve attempted to start a recording of the expedition of The Searchers, but here we are at the endgame. Back to where it all (apparently) started, and where Victor, Helios, and my brother located the very blade I have sheathed at my hip. We entered the musty old tomb via the twisting caverns of the kruthik cave, still dense with the scent of vinegar. As soon as we walked in, a fight was upon us. One of the Emerald Claw’s lieutenants held a rod of dangerous power aloft, and a mass of zombified kruthiks (led by a duo of agents of the Seekers) lunged for us. Luckily, and uncharacteristically, we got the drop on them. The battle was swift and furious, including a confusing moment where Victor’s mind was assaulted with arcane illusions that caused him to flee. Luckily his wits returned quickly and he leaped back into the fray with a gusto I can imagine can only be seen from the bravest of men.

After the fight we gathered ourselves, and Victor grabbed the lieutenant’s rod and seemed relieved at its appearance. Apparently, before my brother met him, this particular vagabond had bested Victor and Helios in a chase upon one of the lightning rails into Sharn, and has absconded with the item in question. Despite my desire to examine it, I acquiesced to Victor’s demand that he hold it safe.

Of course it was no sooner than we left the pan that we were into the fire. Deeper into the sepulchral fortress we encountered none other than Tikulti, the Changeling agent who had inserted himself into the ranks of the Kech Volar, and subsequently turned upon his former allegiances to both the Worldbearers and the city of Sharn. Despite the fact I proved his loyalties self destructive with a carefully constructed logical argument, he held fast to his new found patron and attempted (and failed, obviously) to put our meddling to an end. We had a close call when Tikulti’s undead abomination knocked Victor unconscious, but luckily Warforged physiology is similar enough to a human’s that my healing infusions brought him back into the battle. Darius ended Tikulti’s foolishness with remarkable restraint for one so used to allowing anger to carry him in battle, and we bound the traitor and prepared to enter the final chamber of this maddening tomb.

It was here we found Demise herself (!). Apparently her previous death was a clever ruse, though I doubt not a one of us honestly expected her treachery had ended. The room was prepared for the arrival of the remaining pieces of the Ashen Crown, for a magic circle surrounding the central statue confirmed that Demise had already began the Rite of Arkentosh. A bit premature if you ask me, but that’s why I’m not a megalomaniacal cultist. A fierce battle with her and her ghouls ensued; we gave it our all. Helios let loose with an impressive web of arcane shadows, Victor valiantly fought against the ghouls and their insidious paralytic touch, and Darius did what he always did; run at the leader of the enemies and hit them as hard as he could. I provided covering fire, all the while attempting to console Gydd, who Demise had taken hostage. As the battle raged, I sent my Assistant to unchain the shackled professor. Before he could make his way onto the pedestal Gydd was chained to, Demise and her monstrous lackeys had fallen before the onslaught of might and magic, and the Searchers were once again victorious. But not all was as it seemed, as my Assistant realized that Professor Nephret was never chained at all! We got a good glimpse of her true form (which was rather unpleasant let me tell you) as she jumped forward, only to be met with a liberal application of force to end her once and for all.

Assistant, end auditory recording program.

file saved as the-demise-of-demise.mp3

Bazaar Brawl

I will never understand how Jayce thinks. All these explosion sticks and mini-metals seem like too much trouble to go through to make them. The mini-metal thing was actually flying this airship. I would be a lot more nervous if it was anyone else’s invention, but I trust my little brother. I showed the group the note we grabbed off one of the bodies of the air raiders. It said something about Demise. My eye twitched a bit as the wenches face appeared in my head.

We just landed our new airship outside Greywall. Our goblin friends stayed aboard the airship that was charted for us. Once we got inside Greywall, it was obvious that we were going to attract a lot of attention. There were many different types of people around, most of them not being any of our races. Our plan was so make Vik and I look like bodyguards to Jayce and Helios. I put on the meanest face I could; its actually quite hard to do when I’m not just beating people up.

We spotted our goblin friends at a stall, trying to look regular folk. The new plan was to split up with a goblin and try to get some info. There was only so much bullying I could do and a couple of hours later, we regrouped and shared our information. Apparently one of the goblins used a piece of the ashen crown to track down another piece. I’m surprised Jayce didn’t try to make something similar. Ha!

Now, we couldn’t just start digging in the middle of the bazaar; even I know thats stupid. New plan was now to start an auction atop the dig site. The tent would be place directly atop of it and we would be causing a commotion up top to mask the sound. We were to use our same covers for getting into the city. Helios and Jayce would auction off their treasure, while Vik and I would make sure no one got close enough to the tent.

I’ll have to admit, it was definitely a weird experience. I don’t recall Helios ever saying he had experience in auctioneering. He seemed like he knew he was doing. Viktor fumbled with his job a bit, but I can understand why. I don’t think he’s ever done work like this before. Now Jayce…he was the most surprising. My little bro, who couldn’t even ask a girl out for a night on the town, was screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to sell a bone from some ancient guy. Funny thing is, someone actually bought it too.

Once we were done selling our stuff the crowd dispersed and that wizard lady Demise was a couple of stalls down grinning at us. I remember reaching for my axe and charging at her. I got off one hit and then on the next hit, everything just became a hazy blur. I must have taken her out pretty quickly, because I woke up later on the ground. I must have made a reckless move and got knocked unconscious for a second by one of her goons.

All of Demise’s henchmen were taken care off, but Helios and Jayce kept mentioning a hooded figure that got close to us. We then went to check on Demise but the body that was left behind was not the same. Changeling. By Dol Doran…either she was really a changeling or I just killed a double.

There was a rustling in our stall and our goblin friends filed out. Something was off; either the way they spoke or the demonic hands they now had. Probably the demonic hands. Once I pointed that out, they immediately attacked us. I missed my first swing and they began taunting me. The last thing I remember was Jayce saying, “Uh oh…”. Once again I went into a frenzy and their bodies littered the floor. I really need to control my temper better.

We didn’t know what had happened so we decided to make our way down the dig site to see if we can find any clues. What we found was not good. From what Helios said, there was no struggle. Our goblin friends must have been possessed or something. The artifact was gone.

The sending stone in Jayce’s coat went off and we were surprised to hear Tikulti. Apparently, he was working for Demise the whole time and had run off with the pieces of the crown. Tikulti tells the group that he is going to go to Captain Kalas and speak of our betrayal. He laughs at us before cutting the connection to the sending stones.

Watching Jayce run to the airship was probably they fastest I’ve ever seen him run in his life. The flight back to Sharn was at a grueling pace, everyone anxious and hoping to get there before Tikulti. We landed in Sharn and rushed to Captain Kalas. We got some pretty weird stares and people pointing at us as if we were criminals. Tikulti must have gotten here before us.

The gnome receptionist, whose name I cant remember, told us that there was a warrant for our arrest. This made the group even more on edge and we asked if Captain Kalas was here. We were told he was in a meeting and a chill ran down my spine. Everyone else must have felt the same way (except Viktor probably) because we were all rushing past the gnome and towards his office. Viktor rushed forward and kicked down the door, while I had my axe drawn, ready to cleave any enemy in my way.

Apparently…he was meeting with his wife and kid. I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. At the same time, it was hilarious to see the Captains face after a Warforged kicked his door down. Jayce explained the situation and the Captain ushered his family out. Helios and Jayce did most of the talking, speaking of the betrayal of Tikulti and Demises plans. Our warrent was dropped and Captain Kalas assigned us with stopping Demise and getting the pieces of the Ashen Crown back.

Demise and Tikulti better be ready because we’re coming for them.



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