The Piecemaker

A chemical-powered ranged projectile thrower

weapon (ranged)

The Piecemaker is a +1 enchanted ranged weapon with a +2 proficiency bonus, 1d8 damage, and 1d6 critical damage per plus. It holds 10 shots before reloading, which is a standard action. In addition, it has a daily power that suppresses an enemy hit with the weapon, and makes that enemy and every enemy within 3 squares of it unable to make ranged or area attacks against creatures more than 3 squares from them.


The Piecemaker is an ongoing project started by Jayce Darkmagic. Jayce found the crossbow a cumbersome and inefficient weapon. Using his own metalsmithing and chemical prowess, he created a multi-chambered device that fires explosively projected bits of metal, held in place within the device by a custom tooled cartridge. He calls this device “The Piecemaker.”

The piecemaker is a gun, for all intents and purposes, that has a long rifled barrel. The gun funtions on a lever action; the lower half of it must be cocked to load a new cartridge in place. The cartridges are loaded via a 5 slotted revolving chamber that can hold up to 10 cartridges at a time (two in each chamber, inserted end to end). When one cartridge is loaded into the gun from the revolver, the other is pushed up to take its position via a spring mechanism.

The stock and body of the Piecemaker is hand carved and sanded oak wood. The scope’s design is based on a jeweler’s magnifier (that being multiple magnifying glasses that can be moved independant of each other, for multiple ranges). The barrel, lever, chamber, trigger guard, and revolver are all made from a custom metal alloy similar in look and feel to brass. The ammunition for the weapon consists of a lead bullet within a custom metal alloy cartridge. The lower chamber of the cartridge has a flint firing pin connected to a chamber with the chemical explosive propellant. The propellant is a liquid solution, and each cartridge must be carefully filled and sealed by hand to ensure no leaks. In addition, if any air pockets exist within the propellant chamber, upon firing, the weapon would undoubtedly break apart explosively. Jayce refuses to divulge the secrets of constructing this weapon, as he fears his technology could be used for nefarious purposes (especially by one man named Victor). Each individual part of the weapon can be taken apart from the whole for cleaning and maintenance.

The Piecemaker

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