The Ashen Crown


The ashen crown
Rite of arkantaash


The Ashen Crown is an ancient relic, created by the Keepers of the Past of the Valaes Tairn, then taken by the Dhakaani during the wars that drove the elves back to Aerenal. As crafted by the elves, the Liryana’tani (Crown of Remembrance) was used to return great warriors to life, and to maintain a connection to the ancient heroes of Xen’drik. When the Crown was claimed by the Dhakaani, goblin mages subtly reshaped its power to create Arkantaash. As the Ashen Crown, the artifact reflected the goblins’ reverence for ancestors and history.

Although the Crown retains a connection to both races, it prefers neither. In fact, its powers can be used by anyone who lives up to its desires. Doing so usually requires daring action and explorations of historic significance. Possession of the entire Crown is appropriate for characters in the middle of the heroic tier and upward.

In its sundered form, the Ashen Crown consists of a magic circlet to which the other magic items are attached. A byeshk blade, magically shapeable, is the Crown’s front ornament. Two gems—one a magic solitaire, the other a small orb—are set to either side. A braided cord of mithral and gold wraps tightly around the Crown’s circlet.

Arkantaash was sundered shortly before the fall of Dhakaan. Legendary goblin heroes wielded the pieces, and each part now bears the name of its last wielder. When the goblin empire fell, the Crown fragments were lost with it for five thousand years.

The Crown can be sundered or reassembled by the performance of a special ritual—the Rite of Arkantaash.

The Ashen Crown

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