Professor Gydd Nephret

Researcher of Ashen Crown, possible love interest for Jayce Darkmagic

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aaki suggested Gydd Nephret as a resource for learning more about Ashurta’s Blade/The Ashen Crown after your adventure in Ashurta’s Tomb.

  • Jayce spendt some time researching with her and seemed to grow close to her quickly.
  • Gydd bought Demise’s disguise, and when she realized something was wrong alerted the party.
  • Gydd’s apartment was ransacked and she was ostensibly kidnapped by Demise and the Emerald Claw.
  • When Tikulti taunts The Searchers through the sending stone, he mentions that he has something that they want – and a female scream is heard in the background, possibly Gydd.

Professor Gydd Nephret

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