Adventures in Eberron

The Assemblance of the Ashen Crown

The final battle

executing journal.exe
operation SRC-001-x4 running
all input devices showing aural data flow
auditory data recording begin

It’s been too long since I’ve attempted to start a recording of the expedition of The Searchers, but here we are at the endgame. Back to where it all (apparently) started, and where Victor, Helios, and my brother located the very blade I have sheathed at my hip. We entered the musty old tomb via the twisting caverns of the kruthik cave, still dense with the scent of vinegar. As soon as we walked in, a fight was upon us. One of the Emerald Claw’s lieutenants held a rod of dangerous power aloft, and a mass of zombified kruthiks (led by a duo of agents of the Seekers) lunged for us. Luckily, and uncharacteristically, we got the drop on them. The battle was swift and furious, including a confusing moment where Victor’s mind was assaulted with arcane illusions that caused him to flee. Luckily his wits returned quickly and he leaped back into the fray with a gusto I can imagine can only be seen from the bravest of men.

After the fight we gathered ourselves, and Victor grabbed the lieutenant’s rod and seemed relieved at its appearance. Apparently, before my brother met him, this particular vagabond had bested Victor and Helios in a chase upon one of the lightning rails into Sharn, and has absconded with the item in question. Despite my desire to examine it, I acquiesced to Victor’s demand that he hold it safe.

Of course it was no sooner than we left the pan that we were into the fire. Deeper into the sepulchral fortress we encountered none other than Tikulti, the Changeling agent who had inserted himself into the ranks of the Kech Volar, and subsequently turned upon his former allegiances to both the Worldbearers and the city of Sharn. Despite the fact I proved his loyalties self destructive with a carefully constructed logical argument, he held fast to his new found patron and attempted (and failed, obviously) to put our meddling to an end. We had a close call when Tikulti’s undead abomination knocked Victor unconscious, but luckily Warforged physiology is similar enough to a human’s that my healing infusions brought him back into the battle. Darius ended Tikulti’s foolishness with remarkable restraint for one so used to allowing anger to carry him in battle, and we bound the traitor and prepared to enter the final chamber of this maddening tomb.

It was here we found Demise herself (!). Apparently her previous death was a clever ruse, though I doubt not a one of us honestly expected her treachery had ended. The room was prepared for the arrival of the remaining pieces of the Ashen Crown, for a magic circle surrounding the central statue confirmed that Demise had already began the Rite of Arkentosh. A bit premature if you ask me, but that’s why I’m not a megalomaniacal cultist. A fierce battle with her and her ghouls ensued; we gave it our all. Helios let loose with an impressive web of arcane shadows, Victor valiantly fought against the ghouls and their insidious paralytic touch, and Darius did what he always did; run at the leader of the enemies and hit them as hard as he could. I provided covering fire, all the while attempting to console Gydd, who Demise had taken hostage. As the battle raged, I sent my Assistant to unchain the shackled professor. Before he could make his way onto the pedestal Gydd was chained to, Demise and her monstrous lackeys had fallen before the onslaught of might and magic, and the Searchers were once again victorious. But not all was as it seemed, as my Assistant realized that Professor Nephret was never chained at all! We got a good glimpse of her true form (which was rather unpleasant let me tell you) as she jumped forward, only to be met with a liberal application of force to end her once and for all.

Assistant, end auditory recording program.

file saved as the-demise-of-demise.mp3


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